physically,mentallly n emotionally scarred. (bobanda_g) wrote,
physically,mentallly n emotionally scarred.

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feelin betterr

... the whole "depression" stage is still here but i go in and out of it.i cant control the way i feel.i thnk ever since wha happened last feb, things changed dramatically.ive been over it awhile now,almost a year but i just want it back in my life.hopefully one day soon, i realized i have
to stop running after it and just let it come to me. :/

i just hope everything gets better because everythings changing and
so are people.

i think i'm just goin threw a mid-life TEEN crisis loll

1 month and 10 days til my 17th BDay Wooop Wooopp :) JULY 31st
14 days til Maria's sweet 16 =] JULY 5th
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