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The last couple of weeks have been pretty fun besides the fact I have a really abd memory!Firday- went to school.afterr skool made plans with maria to come over and watch movies :) with lona and linda.maria came but lona/linda couldnt cuz they had cuzins over, damnit.we watched Blade Trinity and Taxi...very good movies.Sat-did pretty much nothing besides chill with some cuzins and aunts.Sun-umm watched my babi brother and chilled.
I find out Nikolla w/ Bashkimi are throwing a Memorial Party..very excited with 3453453 other people.but alsoo theres a AASO party and a Leka D/Liria/Rinia party And Church Pizza Party all in 1 month,pretty crazy.hahahh today,Tue,i had a peer mediation meeting thing at the IRC.we didnt have to go to any of our classes :).it was pretty clue,kind of a blow off day.but we came bak to skool for the last 20 mins.10 mins past by and Laura finds a string.she ties one lock,off of a locker,across to the next lockkers of course we thuoght it was funny.then she goes to one of her classes and gets a what Laura,Riva,Tereze,Shai and I do is tie more locks to our locker area,instead of tieing them acorss,we tied them diagonally to the lockers lmao.people pass by and start laughing.bell rings!everyone start laughing and trying to get threw was pretty funny.but yeah thats about it.pepi got in a car accident =[ ,its good that hes okay =]but yeah im done.

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