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The night was dreary and the rain came down
She said "Lets go for a ride away from town"
All thru the ride she had nothing to say
It was almost as if something stood in her way
Then suddenly it came, out of the blue
"My parents said I have to break up w/ u"
"I'm sorry" she said.. "I cant pretend"
"My parents said our love must end"
She took off his ring* as tears came from his eyes
At the same time, the fear of losing her began to arise
With tears threatening to fall, he held them back
As he unconsciously parked the car* on a railroad track
He wrote something on a piece of paper
He held her hand and said "Read it later"
He alwayz wished they would never part
He said in a sad voice, "You just broke my heart"
She opened the door and walked out into the rain
Thats when she saw the lights of the train
Realizing too late what she had sighted
With a blink of an eye, metal collided
All she could see was blood running red
And someone saying, "I'm sorry..He's dead"
The ambulance sounded like an agony cry
Then she read the paper and it said "Without you, I'd die"
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